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At a young age I was always passionate about cameras and filmmaking. I used every opportunity I had in school to work with my friends on writing, shooting, and editing videos. As I grew older, I wanted a way to share more of my work with the world and found weddings as a unique way to achieve that. I also love music and found that creating cinematic highlight films was a perfect way to incorporate that love into my work.

I started by filming friends weddings, which quickly grew into friends of friends, and then much more.  Three years ago I decided to make a substantial financial investment in camera gear and equipment.  I believed I could make filming a successful business. I have now filmed over 65 weddings in the last 3 years as an LLC and have many more on the horizon.

I strive for excellence every time I am behind the camera and hold myself to the highest of standards.  I love working with people and my strength is making every client feel comfortable and looking amazing on camera.  My style would be considered moving and emotional, while also being clean and simple. I look forward to my future filming more weddings and becoming the best I can be.

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